Weekend Wanderings Around Sudbury Hall

Sudbury Hall - Derbyshire

At the weekend we took Heidi for her first National Trust outing to Sudbury Hall just down the road from us. I love exploring old houses and was keen for a day out somewhere new so this place seemed just the ticket.

Built by Sir John Vernon in the mid 17th century, Sudbury Hall is a fantastic British example of a restoration mansion. The interior of which was used as the rooms for Pemberley in the BBC adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

The weather has just started to turn here in Derbyshire and you can feel Autumn making it’s appearance. The cool afternoon breeze refreshing yet still warm enough not to have to dig a jumper out. We ambled around with Heidi in pram, taking in the stunning views on offer before making our way inside to explore. Still new to parenthood, I had failed to think about the logistics of taking a pram around the house – these old stately homes being fairly difficult to navigate by anything but foot – but the lovely National Trust staff kindly let us take her round the ground floor before having to pick her up and carry her in arm to view upstairs. Much to her delight. Any excuse for cuddles with Mum and Dad.

We were only here a short time but long enough to view this stunning house and it’s gardens and be able to recommend it highly for a weekend out. Β We will need to come back and spend longer at this wonderful house and get to explore the village down the road.

Here is a short photo diary of our time at Sudbury.

Sudbury Hall - Derbyshire

Sudbury Hall - Derbyshire sudbury-hall-3 sudbury-hall-4 sudbury-hall-5 sudbury-hall-8 sudbury-hall-9 sudbury-hall-11 sudbury-hall-13 sudbury-hall-14 sudbury-hall-15

sudbury-hall-16 sudbury-hall-17


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