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I’m Stacy and I’m a blogger and photographer with a love of slow travel, food, slow living, photography and finding the beauty in every day. I live in Derbyshire with my family – Peter, our 19 month old daughter Heidi and our two British Blue Shorthair cats, Bluebell and Dee.

I relish travelling slowly and have wholeheartedly immersed myself in the slow travel movement – believing in the multitude of benefits it brings. When I step foot in a new place I want to live and breathe the culture, not tick off a list of all the major site’s to see. I want to share this way of travelling with you and show you how it can enrich your own life. What I want is to help you to travel more and to travel better.

This blog if my little corner of the internet. A place for me to be creative, curate thoughtful guides and to share beautiful photographs of the places I encounter. Hopefully What Stacy Did will spark your wanderlust (even if it is in your own backyard) and inspire you to start your own adventure. I will share with you the beauty of a life of travel.


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  1. Hi Stacy, I love the look of your gorgeous photos of the English countryside. I have had a real yearning to travel through the UK for years, although have only managed to get to London so far. Your photos are so inspiring! I look forward to seeing more x

    1. Hi, thank you so much for taking the time to say! There are so many wonderfully picturesque parts of the UK and some not so far to travel outside of London (The Cotswolds for instance). I’m glad I can inspire others to explore our beautiful countryside and if not, then live vicariously through the photos I share x

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