Sunset on Golden Bay

Golden Bay is situated on the North West coast of Malta. That makes it a prime spot to go watch the sun set.


When we arrived at Golden Bay, the sun was still high in the sky and the sky a clear blue.


Which obviously called for ice cream! You can’t sit in the sunshine and wait and watch sunset without it can you??


We parked our bums at a little cafe overlooking the beach, ordered a cherry and a chocolate praline ice cream and sat and watched as the sun started to make its decent..


As it did so, lighting up the sky and sea magical shades of gold.


There is something so enchanting about the setting sun, I couldn’t help but look on, mesmerised by the glow.


Wishing I could get the opportunity more often.



The lower the sun dipped, the more fantastic the shades of colour in the sky became.



Bringing out all manner of colours you don’t get to see on any other occasion. Quite magical.


We looked on in awe as the sun inched away from us, minute by minute.



Until it vanished for the day in a hue of pink and purple. Leaving us sat there looking on a little longer until the darkness crept in.

If you are looking for a stunning spot then I would highly recommend Golden Bay. It is completely open and you can see out for miles, allowing your view to be unhindered. The Dingli Cliffs further south would also be a good option.

Evening was upon us and our bellies wanted filling again, so we drove back to Mellieha, where we were staying, and set about looking for dinner!


We found Commando only a stones throw from our hotel and the warm atmosphere beckoned us in.




The restaurant boasted a relaxed, fine dining atmosphere which we loved. Perfect place for a dinner date.



Having consumed rather a lot of food already that day, we decided to forgo a starter and went straight in for the main. All the dishes are prepared with fresh, local ingredients and as such have daily specials available. It happened to be veal that evening and seeing as veal isn’t something I get to see on a menu all that often, I chose the veal cutlet! Coated in melted local cheese and served on a bed of veg with a side of roast potatoes.


The cutlet turned out to be a whopper! Good job I was hungry right??!



P opted for the pork fillet with a potato and pancetta terrine which was heavenly! I hadn’t ever heard of one of those before but I shall definitely be making it at home. So simple but super tasty, just my kind of cooking.


Apparently, all that meat didn’t fill us up so we asked to see the dessert menu. Listed, was homemade Mqaret, which intrigued me. The waiter told me it was made with cooked dates, wrapped in pastry and deep fried. This sounded right up my alley! And it came with a honeycomb ice cream..what’s not to love??


On the special menu there was a wonderful sounding dessert of roasted bananas, lemon doughnuts and a peanut brittle. It tasted as good as it looked!


Such a stunning little plate.



Meal over and not yet tired enough for bed, we decided to have a wander around the lamp lit streets around the church at the end of the street.


There is something quite romantic about a midnight stroll amongst glowing lights. Especially in such a pretty setting.


You get to see everything in such a different way that you can’t enjoy in the same manner during the day. It’s like exploring a place for the first time all over again.


On our way out we took a few minutes to watch the colour changing water features..



And take in some local street art on the steps next to an old air raid shelter, enjoying the contrast of old and new which Malta does so perfectly..


Before finally heading back to our hotel for some well deserved kip, wondering what tomorrow would have in store for us!

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