The Gardens of Packwood House

Packwood House 36

One thing that the UK do well are country houses with country gardens.

We are blessed with some absolutely gorgeous homes, many of them owned and maintained by the National Trust and open for all to visit and enjoy.

It’s always a pleasure getting to visit another one of their stunning properties and that has never been more true than now, in my 7 month pregnant state when I’m finding it increasingly difficult to be on my feet for more than a few hours at a time. Give it three or four hours and my back will be killing, crying out for a sit down. Visiting one of the vast selection of properties in the National Trusts’ collection though is ideal.

You can easily spend half a day wandering around but can take it at a very leisurely pace. Spend an hour looking around the home then park your bottom on a picnic blanket and indulge in a spot of food and relaxation before pottering around the gardens. Just what I need these days.

This week we visited Packwood HouseΒ in Warwickshire.Packwood House 20 Packwood House 19 Packwood House 18 Packwood House 22 Packwood House 23 Packwood House 24 Packwood House 27 Packwood House 28

Packwood House dates back to the mid 16th century and began life as a tudor farmhouse constructed by the Fetherston family. In the late 1800’s the Fetherston family died out and the house passed into the hands of Mr. Ash who saw to it that Packwood underwent extensive renovation to become what we see today.

Inside this property lies an impressive collection of 16th century furniture and tapestries, some of which came from the moated manor house Baddesley Clinton, just down the road. Packwood House was donated to the National Trust in 1941, who later went on to purchase neighbouring Baddesley Clinton in 1980 after much debate about how close the two properties are to each other. Thankfully, they didn’t pass up on the opportunity and both properties are worth visiting when you are in this area.

One of the most impressive things about Packwood House is the gardens. The grass was immaculately maintained, the borders looking like they were cut with a knife they were so straight. I fell in love with the wisteria creeping up the walls of the house and thoroughly enjoyed walking amongst the renowned yew trees. You could sit and enjoy this garden for hours. If you are planning a visit you should certainly pack a picnic and sit by the water and take it all in. But for now I hope you enjoy my photo diary and take inspiration to make a visit of your own.

Packwood House 30 Packwood House 31 Packwood House 32 Packwood House 34 Packwood House 35 Packwood House 36 Packwood House 37 Packwood House 38 Packwood House 39 Packwood House 41 Packwood House 43 Packwood House 45 Packwood House 48 Packwood House 50 Packwood House 52 Packwood House 58 Packwood House 54 Packwood House 56 Packwood House 59Packwood House 61 Packwood House 63 Packwood House 65

Packwood House has numerous gardens to wander around and of course I couldn’t leave without first visiting the kitchen gardens. In my opinion always the best garden there is as you get to eat it all. So we made our way across the road to where the kitchen garden was to be found and had a little potter about before making our way back home. We had a look out for Freddie the cat but didn’t manage to see him on our visit. Let me know if you spot him on yours!

Packwood House 17 Packwood House 16 Packwood House 2 Packwood House 3 Packwood House 4 Packwood House 5 Packwood House 6 Packwood House 7 Packwood House 11 Packwood House 12 Packwood House 13 Packwood House 15 Packwood House 10


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