The End of the Land

When in Cornwall you can’t miss a date with the iconic Lands End sign. The best way to approach this tourist hot spot is to get there early!! We made sure to get there for about 9 am (so not crack of dawn silly time, I couldn’t be doing with that on a holiday, but still early enough!) before any of the cafe’s and little shops had even opened at the visitors centre and we had the place virtually to ourselves.

A third of Cornwall is designated as an area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB) which offers the same status and protection as a National Park, and it is not difficult to see why. The first thing you see as you approach is the rocky moorland leading up to the high cliff edges which lead on to blue for as far as the eye can see. We lucked out and managed to get glorious sunshine which made the views even more spectacular. The Land’s End Hotel is perched on the cliff front overlooking the ocean, which I can only imagine offered its guests stunning views to wake up to (especially on a day like this!) and we started off exploring the area around this. This is where the Land’s End signpost is situated which is one of the first images you conjure up when you think of Land’s End and what we wanted to see while we were here.


Approach to Land's End
Approach to Land’s End
The First & Last House
Land's End Signpost <3
Land’s End Signpost
The Last Post Box
The Last Post Box





Longships Lighthouse In The Distance

Walking along a moorland pathway we spotted Greeb farm in the distance, a quaint, 200-year-old restored Cornish farm in the most picturesque setting. We made a beeline for it. The farm was not yet open, but there were some geese ambling about and some Indian Runner ducks sat basking in the morning sun. This is also where we stumbled across Land’s End cat. Such a friendly little thing, she was happy to take some fussing as she too lay soaking up the rays.  At Greeb Farm there are also goats, sheep, pigs, chickens and I think even a turkey if the sound was anything to go by. Maybe even more animals that were still tucked away in bed that I didn’t spot! When open, young children would love this place as they are able to pet the animals and at certain times of the day even get a chance to feed them. To be honest though, even without children we didn’t an excuse to love this place!

Greeb Farm
Greeb Farm



Land's End Cat
Land’s End Cat





After making a wish and tossing a coin into the wishing well out front we continued on along the coastal walk. Thankfully for my short legs, these paths weren’t too difficult! Nothing too steep or treacherous and easily negotiable by my highly unbalanced, clumsy self. The views around the next turn were just breath-taking! Turn after turn along the jagged walk along the cliffs gave way to yet more natural beauty. We could easily have wandered on further than we did had it not been for the car being parked back at the visitors centre.










All in all it was definitely worth the £6 we paid for car parking! The views were worth it.

N.B. This is not one for those who don’t like a walk! Although, there is the First & Last Inn to recover at with a cold pint of Cornish Cider.

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