Rome – My 3 Favourite Places To Eat Pasta


One of my favourite cities.

Bursting with life. Love, laughter, family and food. All the things I hold dearest.

We’ve been to Rome before and have fallen very much in love with the city. Particularly with the food.

So much so that in November we travelled back once again purely because we wanted to indulge in more glorious bowls of pasta. Once you’ve tried the food in Rome, you’ll agree, it’s worth catching a flight for.

If food is as important to you as it is to me and you are thinking of visiting then please make sure not to miss these three places, your belly will thank me!

My three favourite places for pasta:

Trattoria Dal Cavalier Gino

Trattoria Dal Cavalier Gino

Trattoria Dal Cavalier Gino

Situated in the centre of Rome, near the government building of Piazza di Montecitorio, tucked away down a narrow alley you could easily walk straight past and miss, this old style trattoria is our favourite place to eat in Rome and yet to be beaten.

Yes there are restaurants that offer fine dining and have their Michelin Stars but the appeal of Roman food, to me, is simple traditional cuisine. I want rustic. I want homely.

If you agree and small, family run, local, homely food is what you seek then Gino’s is a must. They offer traditional, authentic Roman cuisine which is all home prepared from local ingredients. It is nothing fancy, just honest, delicious plates of food. No pizza though, this place offers antipasti, pasta, meat, pudding..all of excellent value.

Gino’s consists of only two rooms and all tables get filled very quickly. If you plan on eating here then MAKE SURE to book or you will be left disappointed. Whilst you’re sat indulging in a bowl of pasta cooked to perfection, you can guarantee you will see numerous people getting turned away at the door having not made a reservation. Gino’s is cozy, warm and inviting and you can be sure that you will be surrounded by a loyal clientèle of locals as has been the way since they opened their doors in 1963. Locals are always a good sign when seeking out somewhere to eat!

Try the cacio e pepe.

Address: Vicolo Rosini, 4, 00186 Roma, Italy
Phone:+39 06 687 3434

Da Enzo

Da Enzo - Rome

Da Enzo - Rome

Da Enzo - Rome

Da Enzo - Rome

This traditional Roman trattoria is located in eastern Trastevere, just across the river Tiber and is cherished by locals. The decor is very simple and relaxed and the service is incredibly friendly and helpful.

The focus at Da Enzo is on the quality of the ingredients they use. Everything is sourced as locally and organically as possible.

The wine is produced with organic grapes harvested in the Appia Antica Park by Riserva della Cascina winery. The olive oil is organically produced by Olio Papa Farm. The meat comes from local farms in Amatrice. The cheese from Agro Romano. The organic eggs from San Bartholomeo and Paolo Parisi Farm. The pasta made from organic Mulino Marino Flour.

These fantastic ingredients result in outstanding dishes. Carbonara, pasta alla Gricia, pasta with oxtail sauce, cacio e pepe, fried courgette flowers, fried artichoke..try and sample as much as you possibly can. Trust me, you’ll want to go back for more.

Address: Via dei Vascellari, 29, Roma RM, Italy
Phone:+39 06 581 2260

Da Tonino

Da Tonino Rome

Da Tonino Rome

Da Tonino Rome

Out of the three, this little place is the most simple. When we first visited this trattoria there wasn’t even a sign above the door. They have since added a name to the front so you shouldn’t have as much trouble as we did locating it the first time.

Located right in the heart of Rome, a stones throw from the Piazza Navona.

Make sure to get here early as it fills up almost instantly and there will be a queue of locals waiting to get a table. Da Tonino is nothing fancy, not by a long shot. Extremely rustic, paper sheets on the table, cheap carafes of wine..but it is inviting and homely. And most importantly the food is excellent value for money. Meat stews and hearty portions of pasta are the way forward in this trattoria.

Address: Via del Governo Vecchio, 18, 00186 Roma, Italy


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  1. I want italian food now! Your pics look delish. I think finding hole in the wall places or just stumbling upon a place off the beaten path is the best way to find hidden gems. thx for sharing!

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