Red’s True BBQ, Nottingham

Another evening means another meal.

This time in the form of Red’s True BBQ.

If, like me, you enjoy American style food then you have got to try this place out. You’ll love it!

Reds True BBQ 2

Oh, and P.S. – you’ve got to like meat.

Promoting #LetThereBeMeat kinda gives it away! But for this joint it’s a deal breaker.

Reds True BBQ 14

The decor is very urban, very street.

Reds True BBQ 12

All brickwork and metal. Perfect for a meat joint.

Reds True BBQ 15

Reds True BBQ 13

Reds True BBQ 8

Reds True BBQ 3

The style is very raw.

I can’t help but love all the natural materials of the building left on display.

It suits it down to the bone.

Reds True BBQ 7

The menu is decadent.

Perfect feasting material so make sure to take friends.

Reds True BBQ 9

Reds True BBQ 16

The kind of menu I could read all day.

Meat, cheese, fries, more meat, mac n cheese, sweet potato get the hint.

And all the meat is sustainably sourced from UK producers.

Reds True BBQ 17

Reds True BBQ 18

They even make their own sauces.

If you find which one you like most, you can buy a bottle to take home with you.

Definitely the Judas Ketchup and South Carolina BBQ for me, see if you agree!

Reds True BBQ 1

If you want a nibble while you browse the menu then you can order tasty bags of crackling and beef jerky.

Or just dive straight in and order some starters!

Either way, make sure to do one or the other as unfortunately the past couple times I’ve been it has taken about an hour to get our mains. So to save sitting there jealously looking over at other tables as you sit drooling over their food, make sure to have starters on their way to you! (I’m sure the recent delay will get cleared up, the service used to be super duper fast here so hopefully this will have resumed by the time you pay a visit! And if not…well, the food is worth the wait).

Reds True BBQ 19

These pit smoked bbq wings smothered in Red’s Buffalo sauce hit the right note. If you prefer them hotter, then choose the Devil wings or if your taste buds aren’t up for a grilling then there is the unholy option too..

Reds True BBQ 20

Or these absolutely divine little balls oozing with goodness!

Reds True BBQ 21

Mac-n-Cheese balls to be precise.

Just look at that runny melted cheese. I know you’re wishing you could take a bite out of that beauty right now!

Reds True BBQ 11

Why not order the pit beans too and you could dunk a piece of stringy mac n cheese into this bowl of heaven.

I think the pit beans are actually my favourite thing on the entire menu.

Reds True BBQ 6

Slow cooked beans with flakes of meat in a rich sweet, smokey bbq sauce.

Oh my.

They aren’t a looker but boy do they have hidden depths.

Reds True BBQ 26

Perfect for dunking these fired up, skin on fries into also.

Reds True BBQ 30

You could completely jazz your fries up and opt for the swine fries. Sweet potato and skin on fries with smoked pork, grilled cheese, chipotle sour cream, spring onions, jalapeños and salsa.

Just look at the bowl.

I can see you drooling.

But just hold off a little longer, you’ve got the burgers to come.

Reds True BBQ 23

But not before the ribs.

Red’s is great because you can pick and choose your own meats so you can get a little bit of everything you want.

St. Louis ribs, baby back, rib tips, pulled pork, cheese and jalapeño sausage, pit smoked bbq wings, brined sticky chicken, beef long rib, USDA Black Angus beef brisket, burnt end, ox cheek bone luge..

Take your pick.

Have as much or as little as your like.

Reds True BBQ 5

We’ve tried everything. And I can highly recommend them all.

Mostly the beef long rib. Which just so happens to come in the bucket o’ bones along with all the other ribs.

Just a teensy bit of advice. Don’t order this for yourself. You won’t finish it. Guaranteed.


So maybe do order this for yourself if you fancy having a nibble later on when you’re back at home, laying on the sofa after the meat sweats have ceased!

Reds True BBQ 22

Baby back ribs.

Reds True BBQ 25

St. Louis ribs and beef brisket.

And new to the menu. The Brisket Philly Cheesesteak.

Not the best thing on the menu (mainly due to the lack of filling in all honesty) but still tasty.

Reds True BBQ 10

But here’s the best bit.

Drool central.

Get ready and close your mouth.

It’s the burgers.

Behold the donut burger.

Two steak patties, melted cheese, smoked peppered bacon, crispy onion rings and dirty sauce all squeezed between two sweet glazed donuts.

This one will be a divider but I’m pro.

This is coming from someone who eats French toast with streaky bacon, hash browns and maple syrup though..

Reds True BBQ 4

If you’re not feeling the donut burger, how about the Pit Burger?

Two steak patties, USDA Black Angus beef brisket, pulled pork, streaky bacon, melted cheese, dirty sauce and onion rings sat between brioche buns.

What do you reckon? Could you manage it?

Reds True BBQ 24

Miss eyes bigger than belly over here though, could not manage one of those bad boys!

For me it’s all about the Juicy Lucifer.

Reds True BBQ 27

This beastie still has two steak patties, but a lot less filling. Instead it’s rocked out with a melted, spicy, 3 cheese centre.

Reds True BBQ 28

Reds True BBQ 29

Just look at that beauty.

Reds True BBQ 31

I’m hungry all over again just looking at it.

Reds True BBQ 32

So what you waiting for?

Get down there and tuck in!

40A Upper Parliament Street, Nottingham, NG1 2BL / 0115 711 7999 / Website

P.S. They do take away too!

And have a couple other places dotted about, so check their website for other locations if you can’t do Nottingham.

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