Game of Thrones Exhibition – Belfast


As an absolute Game of Thrones fanatic it was an unbelievable treat to find out that the costumes, props and The Iron Throne were being displayed at the waterfront! Northern Ireland is used for a substantial amount of locations during the filming of the HBO episodes of The Game of Thrones and as such a ton of the props are in the capital and I just happened to be there when they opened them up in an exhibit to the public. It was rather dark inside and as such some of the photos are a little grainy, a lot were unusable, but I thought I would share them for any other fans out there!

20140613_144920 (2)

20140613_141622 (2)
Melisandre – The Red Lady

20140613_141647 (2)

20140613_141728 (2)

20140613_141851 (2)
Tyrion Lannister
20140613_141906 (2)
Sansa Stark
20140613_141924 (2)
Prince Oberyn
20140613_141938 (2)
Margaery Tyrell
20140613_142025 (2)
Cersei Lannister
20140613_142739 (2)
Daenerys Targaryen

20140613_142747 (2)

20140613_143022 (2)

20140613_143035 (2)

20140613_143059 (2)
20140613_143106 (2)
Bran Stark
20140613_143254 (2)
Jon Snow
20140613_143305 (2)
20140613_143321 (2)

Sorry for the quality of these photos but hope they are enjoyed!

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