Fly Away With Me?

This post has been a little waylaid and should have been put up last month! Here she is finally!


What better to do in the cold wet days of January than book yourself a holiday?

This is exactly what we did last January to give ourselves something to look forward to!

It wasn’t a warm sunny winter retreat, but with great anticipation we were still excitedly counting down the days as though it were.

It had been many years since I had last been in New York (when a friend of my mothers suggested we fly over for the day to go shopping, not really a sight seeing occassion!) and P had never been at all so we were eagerly awaiting a week of explorations in the Big Apple.

New York 1

New York 2

New York 3

New York 4

As we began to make our descent we saw New York was white over. We were expecting it to be cold, but didn’t know it would still be snow covered! A magical treat.

I’d rather sunny, crisp winter days over warmer wet ones any day of the week. As long as the sun is shining then I’ll be smiling.


First things first, we sorted out food.

We found Evergreen DinerΒ on 145 W 47th Street, just off of Times Square. I know I always avoid food around tourist hot spots but this is a great littleΒ spot to eat. A typical New York style diner with great breakfasts. The queue out the door when we got there told us enough!

What better to tuck into on pancake day but American pancakes with all the trimmings and some bacon & waffles.

Evergreen Diner New York

Evergreen Diner New York

I wasn’t kidding when I said all the trimmings!

Monster portions of the tastiest breakfast I had had in a while.
Evergreen Diner New York

Evergreen Diner New York

Breakfast over, it was time for a walk. Or perhaps it was more of a waddle.

Times Square was top of our list for explorations and seeing as it was only a stones throw away from the diner we decided to start there.

New York

New York

New York Times Square

New York Times Square

New York Times Square

New York Times Square

New York Times Square

There is so much to take in. New York isn’t called the city of lights for nothing.

Everywhere you look your eyes are bombarded.

New York Times Square

New York Times Square

New York Times Square

New York Times Square

We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to pop into the M&M store.

New York Times Square

New York Times Square

Where I was quick to fill up on a bag of goodies!

New York Times Square

And perhaps the Hershey store…

New York Times Square

For a great big kiss!

After which we made our way across town..


and headed to the Rockefeller Center.




We sat and watched some ice skating for a short while, revelling in the winter vibes we haven’t really felt over in the UK this season..



Before making our way up to the observation deck for the best views over New York.


You could see Central Park all mapped out in snow.


And look out beyond Manhattan.


We stayed up here for quite some time as we watched as darkness slowly started to settle over the city.



And watched in awe as Manhattan came to life.


It has a completely different vibe when the city is lit up. You can feel it buzzing.


We waited until darkness had fully settled before making our decent and then had a brisk walk back to Times Square to see it all lit up.



Where I quickly found I had made a friend..


Or four.

The locals are extremely friendly! And just a little bit cuddly.


Leaving our new found buddies behind, we decided to head back to the hotel and get a good nights kip..


But not before stopping for one more photo along the way.


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