Date Night on Fistral Beach


Is it possible to have a date night whilst being on holiday?? I suppose technically it is all just one massive long date but in my head our last evening was everything a good night out with your other half should be. Food, sunset, Cornish cider, music and laughter!

To finish off the perfect week away we decided to spend our last evening in Newquay. This turned out to be a great choice! We weren’t really sure of what we would find but decided to leave the car at the hotel and get a taxi into the city centre so we could have a couple of drinks and make sure to thoroughly enjoy our last night together before returning to the reality which is renovating our new home. The driver who picked us up was extremely helpful and had plenty of recommendations on where to go depending on what we wanted out of our evening and that is how we ended up on Fistral Beach. Famous around the world as a surf destination, it was also a really relaxing picturesque spot to sit and listen to the waves roll in and watch the sun set on our final night.







There were a couple of options for dinner, all of which were very appealing (particularly Rick Stein’s), however as often happens, the pizza option won in the end! We are terrible pizza the point that we have both agreed that if we could only eat one thing for the rest of our days, it would be pizza!! The menu at The Stable has a great variety of options which you don’t find on every pizza menu and it enticed us in. A few really caught our eye:

The Lamb Roast – Marinated local lamb, mint, marinated Norsworthy goats’ milk cheese, thyme roasted sweet potato, roast onions, our fresh tomato sauce and mozzarella.

The Fistral Fire (using Naga chillies!) – Spicy local chopped pork, Naga chillies, garlic, red onion, basil leaves, mushrooms, our fresh tomato sauce and mozzarella.

And what pizza menu situated by the sea would be complete without a fish option!

The Atlantic Angler – Jackson‘s smoked mackerel, smoked salmon, marinated spinach, our fresh tomato sauce and mozzarella. Topped with fresh parsley and lemon.

All I can say is mmmm! My mouth is watering just thinking back to it.









After the sun had gone down we decided to take a walk into Newquay and on our way passed The Headland Hotel where Roald Dahl’s ‘The Witches’ was filmed so had to stop and get a photo for my inner child and from here continued on into the town centre where we spent the remainder of the evening sipping cocktails on the balcony of The Sailor’s Arms overlooking the bay. Perfect.






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