A Surprise Day Out With Shakespeare

Stratford-upon-Avon is an old market town situated in south Warwickshire. Dating back many many hundreds of years, it is filled with beautiful architecture showcasing its long history. These days it is most famous for being Shakespeare’s birthplace and draws in tourists from all over the world who want to get a glimpse of where our most famous poet and playwright was born.

I had no idea of where we were going and had a surprise to find out it was this beautiful place.

We started off the morning with a relaxing (for me anyways) row along the river.

DSC06251 DSC06252 DSC06253 DSC06250 DSC06262 DSC06263 DSC06266 DSC06268

After working up an appetite we then decided to go and find lunch and stumbled across a Bistrot Pierre and I can’t say no to garlic, cream or confit duck which French food has in spades so Bistrot Pierre it was.

DSC06269 DSC06270 DSC06271 DSC06272 DSC06273

Bellies full and Pimms consumed it was time to find us a tour bus and go exploring. In order to see all six sights in the Shakespeare tour we would have needed another day so we had to select the three we wanted to see most, hopped on board and headed to Anne Hathaway’s cottage.

DSC06293 DSC06289 DSC06294DSC06300

The house was stunning and the gardens were just beautiful. I would have loved to have had longer to visit this property but being short on time already and wanting to fit Mary Arden’s farm in we had to climb back on board the bus and head onto our next stop.

DSC06350 DSC06347 DSC06346 DSC06323 DSC06320 DSC06319DSC06336

As any good farm should, it had plenty of animals to keep us big children entertained. So much so that time flew by and we didn’t get a chance to explore the house where Shakespeare was born and had to make do with a photo from the outside.

DSC06352 DSC06355

Was a flying visit! Will head back very soon to have a better look around.

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