#LittleMoments October – 5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

This week has been an extremely quiet one.

Peter has been away on the continent for work travelling through Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary so it has just been Heidi and I on our lonesome. Well, not really alone – we have the family next door so we have daily company! We’ve spent our days having long lie ins, getting bits of housework done and hanging out together. I think we’ve only ventured out twice and even that was only to go food shopping. In the evenings we’ve popped round next door to have dinner and for everyone to get their daily dose of Heidi cuddles.

If there is ever a week to be made up of little moments then this week is it. Nothing extravagant, only simple pleasures for which I am glad.

6 Weeks Old

The little munchkin turned 6 weeks old today. 6 whole weeks. Feels like yesterday that we were bringing her home from the hospital and yet it feels like she’s been a part of our lives forever. Every day we see changes in her – different features coming out in her face, new things she can do. It truly does amaze me. I can’t even begin to imagine what the next week will bring in her development.


First Proper Smiles

On the subject of Heidi, she has begun to do proper, intentional smiles which are just the loveliest thing in the world.ย Seeing her face light up into a smile when she sees my face in the morning is beyond words. Couldn’t imagine life without her. She would do the odd one before now but this week they have been planted on her face loads. Particularly when I’ve put her in her baby bouncer, she loves it!




Today we’ve been testing ideas for Halloween nibbles. Mum and I were going to be making sausage rolls and had the idea of turning them into sausage mummies instead! So we crafted arms and legs out of the meat and ‘bandaged’ them up. A definite winner for Halloween.


Once – Season 6

I absolutely loved watching the series ‘Once Upon A Time’ and saw this week that series 6 is finally available on Netflix! I was beyond happy. Only the first three episodes are available so far but needless to say I binged on them and am now waiting impatiently until next Wednesday rolls round and I can get my next dose.



My sister turned up on my doorstep with a bouquet of flowers the other day. No reason why, just said she saw them and thought they’d look lovely in my living room. They not only brightened up my room but also my day. Aww bless!

Another week ending on smiles and happiness.

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