#LittleMoments – 5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

This is going to be my last week of responsibility free life.

From here on in it all gets real. It’ll soon be time to focus on this new little life that we’ve created and put our energies into raising her the best we can. Shape her world and mould her into someone we’ll be proud of. Show her how to enjoy her world.

I’ve yet to meet her and already she brightens my days.

One of the most import lessons I will be passing on to her is to enjoy the little things in life. The little moments. It’s these that make up our days, the building blocks of our lives and it’s these things we should hold dear.

There have been many moments which have brought happiness into my life this week – these are my top five.

40 Weeks Of Pregnancy

This is a huge milestone to reach and as such deserves prime spot on this list. Pregnancy is one long roller coaster ride and even for the most relaxed, chilled out mother to be, there are still going to be things which worry you along the way. Moments when you panic that everything might not go as it should, that something might go wrong. Baby isn’t moving as much today as yesterday, what if they come early, what if they don’t grow as well as they should. There’s a never ending list of things you can worry about. But no longer. We reached this milestone together without a single cause for concern. I count my lucky stars for how smooth a ride she has given me on this journey of ours. And for that I am thankful and immensely happy!


I know this is probably a strange one but I am so happy to know that labour is only just round the corner. As uncomplicated a pregnancy as I’ve been fortunate to have, my body is no less achy and ready for this journey to be complete. It also has the added blessing of knowing that I will finally get to meet this little wriggly angel I’ve gotten to bond with over the past 9 months! As daunting as going into labour is going to be, I am mentally prepared for the day to arrive and the thought brings with it a lot of joy.

My Man

Living with a hormonal 39-40 week pregnant woman comes with it’s hardships! Thankfully I am blessed with a very loving, patient, calm, considerate and understanding man who has been here for me whenever I have needed him. And not complained once about my constant tossing and turning in the night trying to find a comfortable position to get back to sleep for another hour until I need to move yet again. Thank you!!

Having Dinner Cooked For Me

I know this sounds silly but just something as simple as being told to sit down and put your feet up while you have spicy bean burgers and sweet potato chips and a peach cobbler for afters prepared for you is absolutely lovely, especially at the moment when just standing for more than half an hour at a time begins to ache! Did I include thoughtful on my list of traits for Peter in my last point? If not, then it needs adding on.

Gotham Season 2

Another daft one but seeing Gotham Season 2 had been added onto Netflix may have made me eeeeeeek a little bit! I can’t lie, I was excited. I loved the first season and have looked a couple of times to see if it had been released to no avail. It may not have lasted us more than 3 evenings until we reached the end of the series but I loved every one of those simple, tv filled, relaxed evenings.


These are just a couple of the things that have made me happy this week and for which I am thankful.

Collect the little moments and hold them dear.


What are your little moments?


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