The perfect day to glide up, up and away

Gliding has long been an activity that has warranted being checked off of our list of to do’s.

Living in Derbyshire we regularly spot gliders up in the air and every time we do we get giddy watching them and end up saying how much we wish we could have a go.

So that’s exactly what we did. Or at least, that’s what Peter did. I very much plan on having a turn once little one is here but on this occasion I had to pull up a pew.

Gliding - Hathersage 1

In June it was Peter’s birthday and I decided what better time to give gliding a go? So I contacted the ever so friendly people at theΒ Derbyshire and Lancashire Gliding Club and booked him a flight.

With all this rotten weather we’ve had in so called ‘summer’ we ended up waiting until July to finally take the flight when the perfect of days made an appearance. 34C, bright and sunny, not a cloud in the sky, visibility for miles..Peter was in for a treat!

Gliding - Hathersage 2We arrived a couple of hours before our scheduled flight time but we were greeted warmly by the gents of the club and got to sit and watch as they took their own gliders out. They were extremely friendly and chatty and clearly very keen about their hobby. They were only too happy to answer all our questions.

We sat and watched as the gliders were made ready for their next flight and got pulled out for flight. All the while, Peter’s excitement was building until finally it was his turn to take to the skies.

Gliding - Hathersage 3

After his instruction he took his seat at front of house and prepared for take off.Gliding - Hathersage 5 Gliding - Hathersage 6 Gliding - Hathersage 7 Gliding - Hathersage 10

The launch looks so exhilarating, photos just can’t do it justice. I can’t wait for my chance to have a go. Apparently it’s better than a roller coaster so if that is the case then I am going to be one happy Stacy. It sure is quick and the glider is hoisted up into the air in a jiffy. A few seconds later and it is just a spec in the distant sky.Gliding - Hathersage 11 Gliding - Hathersage 12 Gliding - Hathersage 14 Gliding - Hathersage 15

Whilst Peter was up in the air I wandered around on the ground trying to get photos of his flight and stumbled across some stunning views out over the countryside so I can only imagine how good they looked from up above. Can’t wait to get my chance to find out!Gliding - Hathersage 16 Gliding - Hathersage 17 Gliding - Hathersage 18

After 20 minutes of flight the glider started to make it’s descent back to the ground.
Gliding - Hathersage 19 Gliding - Hathersage 20 Gliding - Hathersage 21 Gliding - Hathersage 22 Gliding - Hathersage 23 Gliding - Hathersage 24 Gliding - Hathersage 25 Gliding - Hathersage 26 Gliding - Hathersage 27 Gliding - Hathersage 28

And before long we were back in our trusty steed on a mission to find dinner.Gliding - Hathersage 30

We had a fantastic day and would highly recommend giving gliding a go! Even as a mere spectator on this occasion I found it exciting to watch and the grin on Peter’s face when he had landed said all it needed to about how much he enjoyed it. Perfect little birthday treat.

Until next time.

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