The Hofbräuhaus, Munich

Last week we escaped and headed to Munich with a couple of friends for a weekend away.

We arrived late Thursday afternoon and we made a beeline for the city centre. It was decreed that a sturdy jug of beer was in order and I suggested the Hofbräuhaus, a 16th century beer hall founded in 1589 by the Duke of Bavaria, Wilhem V. This beer hall is now one of the oldest in the city and was loved by the likes of Mozart and Hitler. And anywhere good enough for Mozart is good enough for me!

Hofbräuhaus Munich


We arrived at the Hofbräuhaus to find it illuminated Green for St Patrick’s Day. Mayhap this was unintentional and actually a result of the Irish pub across the road, but either way, it glistened like an emerald.


We made our way upstairs to the restaurant to get our bellies lined with food before copious amounts of German beer were consumed.


Beers in hands, it was time to peruse the menu.



Okay, perhaps after a few swigs were had!







No surprises that we all opted for sausage, in various guises..


Grilled with sauerkraut..


Grilled with some more sauerkraut..

And potatoes and dumpling..


And even ‘sausage salad’.


I’ve got to say, I was expecting some salad with my salad! But it was all rather tasty.


Food consumed, we decided to explore the other levels of this magnificent old building. We headed up another floor and found the stage where there was a brass band entertaining the masses.


And P gave us a beautiful display as the bearded woman!


As entertaining as this floor was proving to be, we wanted to find the beer hall so we made our way back down the staircases towards the ground floor..



Where we found what we were looking for.


The beer hall was full to the rafters, people making merry with their litre stein of beer with another live oompah band playing music in the centre of it all entertaining everyone and breathing life into the hall. The atmosphere was buzzing.


This is a popular place for locals and tourists alike. Which we came to learn more about on our tour of Munich the next day.


Looking around we could see that every table was full, but don’t let this discourage you. These tables are meant for sharing. Find one with the most room to share and park bums on seats! You won’t even need to get up to sort drinks as it’s table service here.


The perfect place to spend an evening with a couple drinks, some great company and plenty of laughter!



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