Wallowing In The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon..a sun lovers paradise!


Situated on the small island of Comino, parked right between Malta and Gozo, the island is only 3.5 square kilometres in total and this virtually uninhabited island (apart from the 8 permanent residents!) is car free, making it the perfect relaxing get away. It is most famous for the crystal clear waters of, you guessed it, the blue lagoon! Sometimes referred to as the crystal lagoon. A perfectly sheltered strip of water that glows the colour of your dreams and beckons you in.







It is absolutely stunning! And a must see if you are visiting Malta. Go and spend a day floating around in the turquoise waters and nestling your toes in the white sands. You’ll want to spend all day there. Unlike me, make sure to pack a bikini because you WILL want to get in the water! I was a little unsure of what to pack for November, but desperately wished I had packed swimwear.

Ideal in summer for snorkelling, sunbathing and swimming but well worth a visit in winter too. The cooler months are the perfect time to explore the island, enjoy a walk and explore the natural beauty. I say cooler, but in actual fact November is still delightfully warm at around 23 degrees C. Warm enough to want to be out of my jeans, I can tell you that much!





Make sure to walk over to San Niklaw bay, it’s definitely worth a look.






And on the walk back to get your boat back to the main land make sure to hunt out this little spot!





If you fancy staying on the island, there is one hotel, just one. Hotel Comino. Ideal for those wanting a thoroughly secluded, tranquil getaway. Β A place to unwind from daily life.

To get there you catch a ferry from Cirkewwa, the northernmost point on Malta. From there you can find boats going to both Comino and the larger island above that, Gozo. If you are visiting Gozo you will definitely want to allow a full day in order to see it all.

But whatever you do, don’t miss out on this beauty!


I mean, water this colour? How could you?!




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