The Blue British Shorthair Babies Invade

It’s official. I’m in love.

Last Wednesday our home was invaded by two of the cutest fur babies I’ve come across. We’ve waited for 8 long years to get pets as we’ve always been renting but as soon as the opportunity arose to be able to get cats we instantly started looking and happened to stumble across two gorgeous blue british shorthair sisters and just had to give them a home with us. They are the perfect combination of playful and cuddle loving and despite it only being a week, it feels like our home has never been without them. The best moments which light up hearts are when we only just wake up and they can’t resist coming over with a little meow wanting their heads scratched and likewise when we get home from work and they come running over and rub around your ankles all happy that you’ve come home to them. Although, this does occasionally turn into a jump onto the leg and a painful climb all the way up! Even their naughty moments when they use my head as a springboard to jump off and run riot in full on play mode around the bedroom are forgiven with one look at their cute little faces. Bluebell has a much more feline face and Miss Dee looks much more like a teddy bear with her wide set eyes and huge fluffy pouches. Almost slow loris like. Especially when she looks up at you a little startled at something new and shocking!



Miss Bluebell
Miss Dee








I will try not to go OTT with these pair but they will play a role around here as they grow and become an even bigger part of our lives!

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